Highlands & Islands MSP highlights depth of bullying problem

Purple Rhoda grantHighlands & Islands MSP, Rhoda Grant, who set up the anti bullying site, Tobie (www.tobie.org.uk) during December 2014, continues to tackle this anti social and unwanted behaviour, particularly in the work place.


“Over the last year I have been contacted by people from all walks of life, who have found themselves in the unfortunate position of having been harassed, bullied, or subjected to some form of oppressive behaviour,” she said.  “What’s really concerning is the level of this unwarranted behaviour and the fact that it is rife in all our local communities.”


“ Let me give you an example of what I am talking about: Since we launched the site, over 7000 people have visited our site in just over a year, but to let people realise that these ‘hits’ are not just a passing viewer ‘clicking’ on the site in passing, the Harassment and Bullying pages have been opened by 831 people.”


“The page for ‘Are You A Bully ?  was entered and opened  826 times and the ‘Advice for Employers’ page was opened 778, with ‘Managing Staff’ being opened 684 times.”


“ I am delighted that we have been able to provide such a resource, but this delight is also tinged with concern and alarm that such behaviour as bullying or oppressive behaviour has such a strangle hold on our society. Of course we are now heading into an election period during which I revert to being a candidate, but if successful in the forthcoming election, I am determined to sit down with my team and look at all options including the possibility of making bullying or oppressive behaviour a specific offence.”

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