£1m for Gaelic broadcasting

heb logoGaelic broadcaster MG ALBA will receive an additional £1m investment this year.

Minister for Scotland’s Languages Alasdair Allan announced the media service will receive the funding following the UK Government’s plan to withdraw all funding to Gaelic broadcasting in Scotland.

MG ALBA is a public body that works in partnership with BBC Scotland to produce BBC Alba. Since moving to Freeview in 2011, the channel viewing figure have increased significantly.

The £1m funding for 2016/17 follows a previous investment from the Scottish Government of £1m for 2014-16. The £1m for this year will be in addition to core funding for MG ALBA of £11.8m in 2016/17.

Dr Allan said: “I’m delighted to announce this further funding for MG ALBA. I have no doubt that Gaelic broadcasting adds significant value to important areas of Gaelic development, whether that’s in education, in the community or at home.

“The impact and benefits of MG ALBA are felt across Scotland, and it has an impressive economic impact – this is unique and this funding will enable these areas to increase employment, skills and training. This is in addition to continuing to be a champion for documentaries, music, and sports that this investment will support.

“We are committed to creating a sustainable future in the Gaelic language, and to developing broadcasting and media industries in Scotland. MG ALBA plays a key role in both those ambitions.”

Maggie Cunningham, chair of MG ALBA, said:

“The Scottish Government has been an enthusiastic supporter of both our creative industries and the Gaelic language over many years and we are grateful to the government and Dr Allan for their continued support of MG ALBA.

“MG ALBA is ambitious for the future of Scotland’s broadcasting sector, and as witnessed through nominations at the Celtic Media Festival 2016, is in a unique position to facilitate the next generation of talent – especially amongst independent producers. With the Scottish Government’s backing, we believe we can deliver for both BBC ALBA viewers and also ensure Scotland’s creative productions can make their economic mark by leading growth for the sector.”

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