Stornoway Wind Farm announces dates for second Public Exhibition

Members of the public are being invited to come and view the updated proposals for the Stornoway Wind Farm at a Public Exhibition later this month. Lewis Wind Power and The Stornoway Trust will host the event at Martin’s Memorial Hall which will be open to the public from 9am until 6pm on Tuesday March 15th and from 9am until 7pm on Wednesday March 16th.

The Exhibition will feature the latest plans showing the location of the wind farm and details of the position and configuration of the individual turbines. In addition to this, there will be an interactive 3D model of the proposed development, demonstrating how the wind farm will appear from different locations and vantage points around Lewis. Visitors to the Exhibition will therefore have an opportunity to see for themselves if the turbines, in their current positions, will be visible from their property.

Ron Peddie, Project Director of the Stornoway Wind Farm said: “We are looking forward to giving the community a chance to come along and review the progress we have made with the development. We listened and learned from the feedback we gained at the last Public Exhibition and this is reflected in our updated plans. The 3D model at the Exhibition will also give people a more accurate image of how the wind farm will appear from different parts of the Island. This is cutting-edge technology and I hope the community will find the images generated helpful.

“This event is another very important stage in our engagement with the local community. It builds upon the last Public Exhibition we held in November 2010 and the various community consultation visits we have carried out since then. We are eager to hear the views of local people and get further feedback as we begin to finalise our proposals for the Stornoway Wind Farm.”

An important aspect of the Exhibition will be to present more information on the community benefit package for the Stornoway Wind Farm. Additionally, the Exhibition will feature updated photomontages and presentation materials taking into account the feedback offered by the public at previous consultation events. Members of the Development Team will be on hand to answer questions about any aspect of the wind farm and its progress, as well as taking feedback from the public. Confidential questionnaires will also be available for those who wish to respond in this way.

The Stornoway Wind Farm Project previously held a Public Exhibition at Lewis Retirement Day Centre on November 16th and 17th 2010 and has recently carried out a series of community consultation events.


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