Stornoway’s golfers defy Sunday ban

A group of Stornoway golfers have decided to defy a ban on using the town’s golf course on Sundays and are regular completing a round in spite of traditional practices on Sabbath observance.

The golf course and clubhouse has become the latest battleground in the debate on whether Sundays should be kept as a ‘rest day’ in the islands devoted only to church going and bible study.

However not every resident wishes the dictates of Sabbath observance in such matters  to continue, one town resident who did not wished to be named, as they fear the disapproval of friends and neighbours said: “I think the golf course should be open to the public on Sundays, it does not require anyone to work and it does not impact on the way of life.  Continuing the ban is nonsense, as much nonsense as it was to oppose the Sunday ferry.”

“Stornoway Golf Club”

He continued: “How can we expect to grow the tourism market of these islands if we are not prepared to offer tourists attractive facilities?

“Many, I know would say stuff the tourists it is the islanders that live here – but these islands need the money and jobs that tourists bring in.  Especially considering that it is likely that in the future public sector jobs which we are dependant on in the islands will be cut.”

Activity on the golf course is just one prong aspect of debate; Stornoway Golf Club recently applied for a Sunday drinks licence.  Several invalid arguments were made against the move and the local licensing board refused the application – their reason for the refusal was not given.

It is not yet known what action, if any, the club will take following the decision.

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