Basking in the Stornoway sunshine

Gregg Adams

It was feeding time for two basking sharks at the Braighe, just outside of Stornoway this afternoon.

The creatures – one of the giants of the sea – had called into the bay for a spot of ‘afternoon tea’, drawing a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers.

“Basking sharks feeding”

The plankton eaters stayed for sometime criss-crossing the bay and came fairly close to the shoreline as they fed.

Their dorsal fins cut quite a figure as they dove down and rose up in the water – the distance between the front and back fins showing just how massive these animals are.

One onlooker, Gus Graham from Stornoway, said: “This is the great thing about living in the islands – when you get to see sights like this.

“There must be quite a few of them around the islands at the moment; my friend was out fishing on the West side last week and their boat came across a school of basking sharks feeding. Now that would have been a sight to see!”

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